Do you remember how you felt when you made the decision to start your own business? You know what I mean – the thrill, the excitement, and the pride of finally running your own show?
You set up shop, launched your business and then made it through the start-up phase… WOO HOOO!!!
Now, you’re faced with a new challenge – you’re struggling to work “on” your business because you’re so busy working “in” your business.
You’re spending so much time managing the techie stuff like your website, social media, and blog posts that your business is at a standstill. You know you need to free yourself up to generate revenue but you can’t seem to find the extra time to network, market, keep a pipeline of clients, and maintain your business operations.
Can you imagine having more time to do what you LOVE and make more MONEY in the process?


Of course you do – that’s why I’m here to help! My name is Tameka Evans and I’m a tech-savvy Virtual Assistant who provided support to busy entrepreneurs so they can focus on growing their business.  
Whether you’re an Entrepreneur, Business Coach, Social Media Consultant, Project Manager, or SME,  I can help to finally “save you time to increase your bottom line”.
So, what are you waiting for? Give me 1 hour and I’ll tell you how.
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